Bag of Love

Bag a good deed with Bag of Love!

One of the challenges we took was to use our fabric-cutting waste and make a product out of it. We accepted the challenge and went beyond the fabric to innovatively associate the stitchers directly with a Westside Product.


Our partnership with Bhansali trust started 5 years ago when we built an institute in Radhanpur village of Gujarat. The women of this village and 150 neighbouring villages were trained to stitch by Trent employees and experts. Once the women passed the training exam, the women were employed to make bags for Westside, Zudio and Star Bazar. Hence, was born the "Bag of Love".

The institute proudly employs these women from lower-income households and has become an institute of support. The women help each other with children's education, hospital treatments and medicines. The institute has provided a platform for women to empower themselves by working, sharing problems and finding a solution from within. The support system attracts the locals and now empowers 650 families in the region.


Kamala lost her husband, the only bread-earner of the family. She has three children, and it wasn't easy to run her house without financial support from her family. Kamala joined Bhansali trust with her sister 2 years ago, where she started supporting her family from day ONE. After the training, she decided to stitch from home, and Bhansali and Trent provided her with a sewing machine at home. Now, she takes care of her children while working from home.

The institute built by Bhansali and cherished by the women is an identity of Trent culture and social support. Trent, through Bhansali trust, has been able to touch these women's lives.

With 15 lakh bags made and 11 lakh meters of cloth diverted from landfills, let's make a difference together. Get your Bag of Love now and #BagaGoodDeed!