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Trent is committed to aligning our Sustainability targets with India’s climate actions. We at Trent are deigning the future Responsibly for the future generations through our actions and operations.


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tCO2e Emission Reduction


Stores Waste Circularity


Employees Trained on Circularity


Trees Planted

Design and Deliver Fashion & Lifestyle Brands –Responsibly

We at Trent are demonstrating our responsibility to the planet and people by incorporating six pillars into our Sustainable Strategy. These six pillars include: Resource Efficiency, Product Stewardship, Sustainable Logistics, Social wellbeing, Strategic CSR, and Governance. Our complete value chain will cater to achieve the UN goals for Sustainable Development in alignment with India’s target to achieve net zero emissions by 2070.



Iot: Smart lighting for the stores & mandatory for all new stores

Solar Rooftop: Maximize use of rooftop space for solar electricity generation


Waste Circularity: Achieve complete circularity of waste from stores, distribution centres, and corporate offices.

EV Milkrun

Shift from Diesel-based trucks to CNG.

Increased Truck Sizes

Increase size of the trucks to reduce number of trucks travelling

Regional Distribution Centre

Open regional distribution centres to optimize logistics.

Responsible Fibre

Traceable fabric with certificates of authenticity

Supplier Assessment

Social and Environmental compliance of the suppliers.

Live Good

New tag with Responsible attributes

Material Circularity

Reduce waste fabric from reaching landfills.


Affirmative Actions at Trent Ltd. to provide equal opportunity for everyone

Tree Plantation

Planting Trees at our DC

Material circularity through women empowerment

Do good Bags

Goals and Targets

Strategic Decisions

Ethical Practices

Fair Sourcing and Tax Practices

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